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    Keynote Topics

    The Future of Work –

    Workforce Transformation

    • Coping with the Pace of Change 
    • Digitalization and Generational Change
    • Agile Organisations, New Roles and New Skills Required
    • Culture and Mindset Change

    Inspiring Leadership

    • Stepping Up to the Leadership Challenge
    • Modern Leadership
    • Engaging Teams through Innovation and Creativity
    • New Role for Non Executive Directors

    Sourcing Global Talent

    • Identifying shortages and sources of future global talent
    • Segmenting the workforce by role criticality and skill requirements
    • Engaging and retaining key talents
    • Redefining the employee proposition

    Creating Agile Organisations

    • How to build customer-centric organisations
    • Aligning business strategy
    • Breaking down silos to team-based structures
    • Optimising creative and innovation hubs
  • Andrew Lindsay Cox

    Co-Chairman & Program Director ASHRAM 2010 & ASHRM 2012


    "I first met Jim in the Middle East just after he had published ‘The Rise of the Global Nomad’: His book had particular resonance to leaders of expats in the Middle East. It provided a transformative shift in human resource management thinking… Jim is an excellent and engaging speaker with the range and depth of knowledge and experience that makes his talks both interesting and informative."

    Daniel Sfier

    Faculty Advisor Director, London Business School - Dubai


    "Jim is one of the most professional speakers we have ever used. He spoke on the Future of Work and Generational Change to our Executive MBA Groups"

    Flora Farsadi

    HR Manager , NAOS Biochemicals


    "Jim's Strategic Workforce Planning was a fantastic course in Dubai."

    Fouzi A. Bubshait

    Past President Arabian Society for Human Resource Management (ASHRM)


    “Jim presented at two ASHRM conferences (ASHRM2010 in Bahrain, and ASHRM2012 in

    Abu Dhabi), where he demonstrated his formidable skills as an engaging and informative speaker.

    His sessions were very popular and judged highly by the audiences. I can confidently commend

    Jim Matthewman, as a public speaker.”

    John Raymund Almeda

    Talent Strategist, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines)


    "When we had Jim as our consultant speaker for strategic workforce planning back in Singapore 2018, he spoke with laudable mastery, articulating details in layman's terms. His vast experience in human capital management and finance reverberated in the room of select diverse professional participants. He could speak from the heart and with great zest. His very approachable aura would make you think how an achiever and leader like Jim could be so well-grounded and humble after all. No wonder he is a global guru on his field of expertise."

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